The East Prussian state museum with its Baltic German department is dedicated to one of the most exciting regions in Europe with its permanent exhibition covering 2,000 square metres, its temporary exhibitions, its cultural evenings and many international projects. Its target region is 1,000 kilometres from Luneburg and is now spread across five countries. The museum wants to inform people about the German cultural heritage of this region and provide a building block for a peaceful Europe by inviting the inhabitants of the past and the present to come together on the basis of a common history, to exchange ideas and hopefully develop an understanding and friendship for each other.

Supported by the federal government and the state of Lower Saxony, as an educational institution and member of the German Museum Association, the East Prussian state museum as a professionally run museum feels committed to the guidelines of ICOM (International Council of Museums).

Our goals are:

  • To collect, record, preserve, maintain and further develop East Prussian and Baltic German cultural assets, including library and archival material, and to make them accessible to researchers and the general public;
  • To promote research into the history of these regions and their people and to keep their knowledge alive in the public awareness as part of German and European history.

Help us to promote and maintain this extraordinary institution!

Together with you as a sponsor and partner we will implement new, unique projects. We would like to open the museum to new groups of visitors, especially young ones, anchor it even more firmly in the public awareness and underline its national and international significance with an offensive programme.

The East Prussian state museum offers its partners and patrons individually configurable opportunities for presence and cooperation.

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Contact and Information
Dr Joachim Mähnert, Museum Director,
Roswitha Hentschel, Head of Administration,
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