Friends of the East Prussian State Museum e.V.

Are you interested in supporting the museum with your membership in the association? The association helps us annually with exhibitions and purchases that would have been impossible without its help.

Good reasons to become a friend:

  • Support of a worldwide unique cultural institution
  • Exclusive information about the East Prussian state museum with Baltic German department
  • Free admission to the exhibitions of the East Prussian state museum and the brewery museum
  • Free admission to partner institutions such as the East Prussia Cultural Centre (Ellingen) and the West Prussian state museum (Warendorf)
  • Personal invitation to all exhibition openings
  • The membership fees are tax-deductible as a donation.
  • You're part of the museum!

Interested? Give us a call or send an e-mail.

Chairman: Rolf-Dieter Carl
Phone: +49 (0)4835-8990